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Fleet management solutions

For further information about our Tachograph and Fleet solutions are available on website www.vdo-fleet.co.uk.  Learn how to run a more efficient fleet today !

Our innovative solutions for fleet management allows easy management for fleet operators and drivers and enables them to cut costs, optimize routes and distances and make more effective use of working hours.   Knowledge gathered from the partner workshops, fleet managers and commercial vehicle manufacturers are fed back to the VDO fleet management teams helping to ensure we produce the best fleet management tools for today's transport market.

DTCO 2.2

Digital Tachograph Solutions

The DTCO® 1381 digital tachograph is the core product within a wide range of service solutions for efficient, reliable fleet data management. It ensures an extremely high level of data security.

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VDO Service Workshops

The correct service for every generation of tachographs: including the installation and retrofitting of tachographs, periodic inspections and calibration performed by professionals. VDO workshops will quickly find an efficient solution for all relevant queries and problems that may arise with your fleet or vehicle.

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Fleet Management

Increase your fleet efficiency with VDO TIS Web® you can view driver activity data, vehicle locations in real time and now with the VDO Mapping Service or VDO FleetVisor, you simply pay as you go solution for driver and vehicle data management.

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