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12/10/2020 | TPMS Software Release DV1-35 HV1-23

VDO are pleased to announce the latest software update release for the TPMS Pro and TPMS Go tools.


20/03/2020 | OE Aftermarket Parts – why should you choose genuine OE

Referring to the factory fitted part, OE equipment can also be described as ‘genuine.'


24/06/2019 | TPMS Malfunction Now a Major Defect

TPMS malfunctions is now a major defect during the MOT


20/08/2018 | TPMS creates huge profit opportunities for MOT centes

A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is currently an exciting topic in the automotive aftermarket. As more vehicles are fitted with a TPMS, the demand to maintain and repair a vehicle’s TPMS is continually rising.


09/08/2018 | Continental and VDO

VDO is a brand of leading international automotive supplier, Continental. Here is an introduction to our story.


04/01/2018 | Autodiagnos Check Software Update 1.5.2

VDO release the best coverage update for the Autodiagnos Check tool.


08/01/2017 | As easy as it gets - The New Autodiagnos Check Service Tool

Ideal for everyday use in any workshop – the unit covers all the essential service applications of all major manufacturers.


15/04/2016 | Continental’s portfolio of diagnostic tools is keyed to the needs of authorised workshops

Modular software for more efficient and reliable diagnostics and repairs, augmented reality solutions for easy, dependable repair work, custom tools and live display of user information.


28/01/2016 | VDO TPMS Pro is named Product of the Year

A VDO product wins the industry prize for the second year in a row


13/05/2015 | Autodiagnos VCI Speaks youer Language with Integrated Guided Diagnostics

The Autodiagnos VCI (vehicle interface) is an all rounder that offers solutions for many conceivable variants of vehicle diagnostics with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

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