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TPMS Malfunction Now a Major Defect

DVSA changed a TPMS malfunction from a 'minor' to a 'major' during the MOT

On the 17th June 2019, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) announced changes to the MOT inspection manual for cars and passenger vehicles.  Among many changes, one has certainly raised a few alarm bells as garages and MOT centres will be expected to meet new demands in order for a vehicle to pass its annual MOT.

‘Minor’ to ‘Major’

In May 2018, DVSA introduced new minor, major and dangerous defect categories to the MOT. Previously, vehicles would either pass, fail or receive an advisory on the MOT. Now, a ‘minor’ defect would not be classed as a serious risk, but may cause issues in the future. Minor defects will be recorded in the same way as before, whereby the car owner would be made aware through advisories. A ‘major’ or ‘dangerous’ defect is more serious and a potential safety risk to the driver and others or even the environment and will result in a MOT fail.

From the 20th June 2019, a malfunction tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) will no longer be considered a minor defect, but a major. This means that a vehicle will fail the MOT if its TPMS is not functioning properly.   

What does this mean for garages?

In order for a vehicle with a malfunctioning TPMS to pass the MOT, it will simply need to be repaired. There are many reasons why a TPMS may fail, such as battery status, sensor fault, damaged sensor etc. After a legislation made TPMS a mandatory fitment on new registered vehicles from Nov 2014, garages and MOT centres are going to see more TPMS defects and MOT failures.

Now that a malfunction TPMS is a major defect, this has opened a great business opportunity for MOT centres. Alternatively, they are at risk of losing business to competitors if they are not equipped to repair a vehicle’s TPMS and make it pass the MOT.

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